Tongue Cleaner


The tongue is a muscle.  It has tiny 'hair like' tissues and fissures, deep crevices that bacteria can hide, grow and multiply in.  When bacteria is left on the tongue, it will produce more bacteria and can cause odor and discoloration of the tongue.  Ever notice when you wake up in the morning that you have bad breath and a nasty taste in your mouth.  The bacteria that has continued to grow and produce toxins in the mouth.

How do you clean your tongue? 

You clean your teeth with a tooth brush.  Often times we clean our tongue with that same brush, but does that brush really do a good job of cleaning your tongue?  Probably not.  Why?  The bristles will splay out and not clean as deep into the fissures of the tongue.  

Tongue Scraper 

Tongue scraper

A tongue cleaner is much more rigid than the bristles of a brush.  A scraper can be purchased in the same section as other oral health care implements. Next time you're in the oral health section on the store, pick up a tongue scraper. You'll be amazed what you clean off your tongue.  Your breath will stay amazingly fresh.  Got a cold coming on?  Make sure you're using that tongue scraper to clean your tongue.  Start as far back on the tongue and gently scrape several times toward the tip of the tongue.  

Still not sure about how to clean your tongue.  Make an appointment with Cheryl at Dental Fitness & Spa, she can help you learn how to use a tongue scraper as well as the proper use of a tooth brush. 

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