Better Health Tips

10 Tips for Better Health

How many times have you set New Years resolutions to improve your health?  I have just finished a fun read in the AARP Bulletin that lists Ten tips for Better Health.  These tips are very easy to implement and fun.  We are living longer lives and there are great advantages of doing so.  To have the opportunity to watch our grandchildren grow up, keep ticking off that 'bucket list', learn a new skill or hobby and what ever else you think is possible during those 'after 50' years.   Living a long life is great but to do so healthy would be better. 

Heath Tips

Some of these great tips can help lower your risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  

1.  Throw a party, this is a great social connection and research shows that staying socially connected helps the memory,

2.  Adopt a pet, for comfort, companion and exercise buddy

3.  Dark chocolate rich in flavonoid, natural antioxidants, these help to lower cholesterol, blood pressure.  In moderation

4.  Coffee   Research is showing coffee decreases the risk of dying from chronic illnesses

5.  Wine or Beer  For women one glass a day and for men two glasses a day

6. Sex  produces feel good endorphins and helps with the immune system

7.  Music  Enjoyable music can cause the lining of blood vessels to expand, increasing blood flow

8.  Nap time and there is a timing to this: 90 mins, 20 mins improves alertness

9.  Outdoors.   Spend some time outdoors

10. Soap.   Say "NO" to antibacterial soaps.   Research shows washing for 20 seconds with plain soap is just as effective

Stay Healthy so you can celebrate more birthdays

All of the tips above are things you can do easily and enjoy doing.  With the winter months getting outdoors can be a challenge, but bundle up, keep your neck warm and a hat on and  take a 15 mins walk.  Staying healthy does not take an enormous amount of time or energy.  I think of my health like you car.  If I did not continue with good maintenance on my vehicle I would not have a working car.  So if you do the easy healthy living and take care of yourself is cheaper that trying to repair yourself later.  Lets all live long and healthy lives.



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