Bleeding Gums

"I always have bleeding gums when I clean my teeth"

Many people seem to think this is 'ok', to have your gums bleed on a regular basis.  Bleeding gums are a sign of gum disease.  Let me give you an analogy. 


Bleeding gums and bleeding skin is not healthy

Imagine you are washing your hands.  You've got some soap and warm water and bubbles are just flowing over your hands.  You suddenly notice blood.  Wow, what is this?  You should be concerned if you do not have a cut on your hands or some other injury that leaves an open area in the skin.  You can get a scrub brush or maybe some more caustic soap, but that will not alleviate the problem – bleeding skin.  You must be a bit nervous or concerned that your hands are bleeding?  If there is no cut in the skin, or injury, why is there bleeding.  Healthy skin should not bleed. 

Why are the gums bleeding?
Bleeding Gums

Bleeding Gums

Healthy gums don't bleed.  If you only clean between your teeth on a monthly basis, weekly basis – then that will have something to do with this bleeding.  This is the same for brushing the plaque or bacteria from your gums.  When your gums bleed, aside from an injury or perhaps a systemic health issue, you have gingivitis or possibly a more advanced periodontal disease (gum disease).   Cleaning the bacteria from your mouth on a daily basis is very important to maintain a healthy mouth which is also important for your whole health.   Bacteria will grow on a constant basis.  The toxins/poop that bacteria produce in your mouth will cause damage to the gums and if allowed to continue can lead to tooth loose.



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