Cancer and Gum Disease

gum disease

Gum Disease

Cancer treatment can lead to Gum Disease

When the immune system is not functioning properly the body becomes susceptible to all kinds of infections and diseases. Cancer treatments, radiation and chemotherapy can effect the immune system. When this happens the body has a more difficult time in keeping itself in a healthy state. Even when a person eats healthy, exercises, takes plenty of vitamins and practices preventive health measures, their body can succumb to disease due to a weakened immune system.

See your Dental Hygienist for a dental cleaning, X-rays and oral evaluation.  An exam by your dentist to check for existing cavities.  This oral evaluation is to check your teeth for cavities and any signs of infection.  Treating existing infections may reduce the risk of severe complications during chemotherapy therapy – Chemotherapy reduces your body’s ability to fight infections.

Gum Disease can become more aggressive during and after Cancer treatment

When a person has a healthy immune system their body generally, can fight an infection in the gums.  Performing good tooth brushing and cleaning between teeth on a routine/daily basis can keep gum disease from attacking your gums.  When the immune system is challenged and unable to fight infections the bacteria in the mouth can cause some aggressive destruction to the teeth and supporting structures (jaw bone).

Cancer is in remission but gum disease has caused extensive damage to the mouth

The goal is to treat the cancer and bring the patient back to good health.  What the overall goal should be is good health including healthy teeth and gums.  Before you or a loved one embarks on the cancer therapy routine, make sure the mouth is healthy before, during and after treatment.  I know the goal is to have your health/life, but to have that and your teeth and gums is a better goal.

See your Dental Hygienist for a dental cleaning and oral evaluation prior to your cancer treatment.  Your best defense against gum disease is prevention.  Schedule your oral cancer screening and professional dental cleaning at Dental Hygiene Fitness today.  Call 970.214.8420.




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