Change your underwear, clean between your teeth

Clean between your teeth

Change your underwear and clean between your teeth.  What could these two things have in common?  Well, try not changing your underwear for a week.  That could be horribly smelly and uncomfortable.  It was actually a patient that made this connection for me.  I thought is was funny, but in reality, it works as a good analogy to not cleaning between our teeth.

Clean between your teeth in your car

Gum Soft Picks

Gum Soft Picks Clean

So often I hear clients say they just don’t have the time to floss between their teeth.  Actually,  I prefer to call it “cleaning between” the teeth.  Why?  Because with new technology and inventions, there are many different ways to clean between the teeth.  If you don’t like floss, than do something different.  Time.  Where to find the time.  Well, if cleaning between your teeth takes longer than 60 seconds, you are moving too slow.  You can use Gum Soft Picks, those are tiny rubber tip toothpicks.  You can use these while waiting for the light to turn green.  Or maybe you are waiting for the car to warm up, clean between.

Clean between your teeth while watching the tv or movie

Unless your are knitting or writing a letter, you can use your hands to clean between your teeth.  I like multitasking and since watching the tv is so ‘brainless’, you might as well clean between your teeth.  If putting you hands in you mouth just isn’t your thing, check out the AirFlosser by Phillips.  A great, less than a minute clean between your teeth gadget.  And yes, it works.   Check out my next post.

Need help in cleaning between your teeth?  Have never been shown the technique?  Is a professional dental cleaning in your near future?   Call us at Dental Hygiene Fitness 970-214-8420 and we will professionally clean your teeth, perform an oral cancer screening in a comfortable office setting.  Let us help you keep your teeth and gums healthy.




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