Children and cavities

children and cavities

children and cavities

Children and cavity causing bacteria

Children are not born with the bacteria that cause cavities – they get them from adults. When adults share eating utensils and drinking glasses we pass these bacteria on to the infants/children.  You can make sure your child has a better chance at growing up cavity free by following these few simple steps. . .

  1.  Don't share eating utensils or cups and glasses
  2.  Don't clean pacifiers with your mouth, clean in the dishwasher
  3.  Never dip pacifiers in honey or sugar for the infant to suck on
  4.  Only put formula, milk or water in a baby bottle – no sweet drinks or sugar
  5.  Never put an infant or child to bed with a bottle full of formula or milk
  6. The gums of an infant should be gently wiped with a warm wet cloth, this allows for the infant to become familiar  with you cleaning his/her teeth later.
  7. A visit to the dentist should take place around age 1-2.  Make this a 'fun' visit.  No pushing or prodding.  Let the child lead the way as to what they are open to. 

Children and Cavities – a childhood disease

Cavities are the most widespread disease in the United States.  Cavities can lead to a lifetime of pain, self-esteem issues and learning problems.  Learning is difficult when a child is in pain.  How can a child concentrate if their mouth is hurting them.

You have the power to help a child grow up cavity free. 

Children can grow up cavity free


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