Cleaning Between your teeth

“I just don’t understand why I have to clean between my teeth” – a client

more than floss

“I brush for a long time and use mouth wash.  Doesn’t the mouth wash kill the bacteria the brush doesn’t remove?”  The best way to explain this is – – try for one week, while taking a shower, to pour some body wash on the top of your head, and just stand under the running water.  Don’t use a wash cloth, just stand there.  After a few days you’re going to start stinking. The dead skin cells, perspiration, any airborne dirt will have accumulated on your skin. Obviously using a wash cloth with a bit of soap and gently rubbing on the skin will do a much better job of removing the dirt and other smelly debris.

Cleaning between your teeth is just like the example above! It’s like washing our armpits, between our toes and behind our ears.  Those small areas are very important to clean, daily. Debris does not naturally come off, it must be coaxed.

Cleaning between your Teeth Prevents Bacteria from Spreading

Bacteria grows and spreads on surfaces just like a drop of water on a paper napkin.  Bacteria is pretty much like living creatures – it produces toxins and waste byproducts.  Like you, whatever you eat you will ‘poop’ out the other end – toxins/waste.  These toxins will damage the gum tissue in your mouth. and left unattended it has a party! Generally this bacteria can start an infection in your gums in 24 – 36 hours.

Cleaning between your teeth will clean that debris from the surfaces your toothbrush cannot reach.  It will accomplish two things:

1. It will remove any food debris and bacteria                 2.  It will disrupt the bacteria growth.

Cleaning between our teeth can be accomplished in many different ways.  You just have to find what works for you! Just be sure to not overlook the hidden areas that might capture bacteria – and don’t be afraid of cleaning between your teeth!

At Dental Fitness and Spa we are always very professional and courteous to our clients. You won’t hear any lectures or scolding on your non-flossing habits from us! We are here to help you have the healthiest teeth possible. Please be sure to kill as much bacteria in your mouth as possible not only for your teeth, but also for your overall health too. You can always come in more frequently and let us take care of cleaning between your teeth. Your daily teeth cleaning habits will ensure that your teeth are free from bacteria and infection and that’s a good thing!



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