Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance is a money benefit

Dental insurance isn't really insurance – money to cover the cost of a loss.  Dental Insurance is a money benefit – that used to be a benefit provided by an employer- to help their employees pay for 'routine' dental expenses.  

Dental Insurance Benefit covers a 'portion of the total cost'
Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

Most dental benefit plans are only designed to cover a portion of the total cost of a patients' necessary dental treatment.  Example:  the dentist recommends a crown for a tooth that has severe decay, but the dental plan only covers the cost of a filling.  This does not mean that you don't need a crown to restore the tooth, only that the dental money benefit is limited to fillings. 

Dental Insurance Benefit for Teeth Cleaning and Periodontal Maintenance

Most Dental Benefit Insurance covers the expense of two 'healthy' teeth cleanings a year – This twice a year visit has no relationship to what a patient might really need.  Many patients need dental cleanings more frequently.  People that build up heavy tartar and plaque should visit the Dental Hygienist every 3 to 4 months for a professional dental cleaning.   People that have certain types of systemic diseases, such as diabetes, sjogrens disease or those taking specific medications, may require more frequent professional dental cleanings with a Dental Hygienist. 

Treat Your Health not Your Insurance Benefit 

When it comes to your health, We treat you like an individual.  Lets' work together to help you come up with your own Professional Dental Cleaning Routine. 

Give us a call at Dental Fitness & Spa  970-214-8420 and start a healthy routine.


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