Dental Prevention and Automobiles

Automobile Preventive maintenance care

I own an automobile .  I have automobile insurance on my car.  There is liability, collision, comprehensive and car rental.  But what I don't have is insurance to cover the cost of maintenance. Would I consider not completing the preventive maintenance?  NO   But the car is not broken, what is the point of spending this money?  Because I want that car to run and service my needs for a long time.  I perform routine preventive maintenance on my car.  The oil is changed every 4,00 to 6,000 miles.  The tires are rotated and all the fluids are checked and topped off.  I know that if these preventive procedures are not completed in the manufactures recommendations that my car will not continue to transport me.  I have always considered the same for my preventive dental care.

Dental Preventive maintenance care
Dental Hygienst Cleaning

Preventive maintenance

Yes, there are preventive dental care procedures that should be completed to help you stay healthy.  Some of those preventive procedures should be completed at home on a daily basis and some should be completed on a biannual, or triannual timeframe.  A professional dental cleaning, oral cancer screening, gum disease screening are just as important as those automobille maintenance procedures.  Daily brushing – preferably twice daily, cleaning between your teeth and cleaning your tongue are good habits to nurture. 

Your dental hygienist  can help you decide what is the best interval for you to have your teeth professionally cleaned and evaluated.  Check out the American Dental Hygiene Association about more information on preventive dental maintenance. 

Preventive Maintenance Insurance

There are few and far between Dental Insurance companies that pay 100% for preventive procedures.  Whether you have that insurance or not – does not mean that preventive care should be eliminated.  Treat your mouth and overall health like you do your vehicle.  Prevention Maintenance.  Do the easy things on a routine basis and if all goes well, you should be able to maintain your dental health.  Is this a guarantee?  No.  But the guarantee is that if you don't do the maintenance you can not continue to maintain a healthy mouth.


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