Dental Records/X-rays

Dental Record Dental Records – can you have them?

I have had a few clients ask for copies of their Dental Records.  Some clients like to have copies for their own personal files or maybe they are transfering to another dental provider.  Often times a client is referred out to a new provider.  If or when a client is referred for possible dental work or an examination, if any x-rays are involved, the client can hand carry a copy or they will be mailed to the dental provider.   But if the client asks for copies of their dental record, the dental provider must give them a copy.   Dental Records must also be kept for seven years.  If the patient moves or transfers out of the office, the business must keep these Dental Records.  There is a regulation for this. 

DORA – Department of Regulatory Agencies and Dental Records

DORA is a Colorado govermental agency that regulates many professions in the state of Colorado.  The laws and regulations are legislated and mandated to protect both the client and the practioner.  Within the hundreds of regulations Rule VIII gives nine regulations regarding the patient records. 

Rule VIII. Patient Records in the Custody of a Dentist or Dental Hygienist

(Effective December 2, 2002; Amended January 21, 2010, Effective March 30, 2010; Re-numbered December 30, 2011)

A. Every patient’s dental record in the custody of a dentist or dental hygienist shall be available to a patient or the patient’s designated representative at reasonable times and upon reasonable notice.

Ask and you shall receive copies of your Dental Records or X-rays.

If you want to change your dental provider and want your dental records for the next practioner to view, just ask and you should receive a copy.  You may have to pay a copy charge and sign a release, but you have a right to view or have copies of the information in your dental records.



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