Do I have to Floss?

No, you don't have to floss. . .

Technically – – No.  Flossing is not the only way to clean between your teeth.  There are so many dental implements at your disposal.  Floss is just one of many of these teeth cleaning implements. There are rubber tip and plastic toothpicks, water picks, Sonicare air flosser.  Think of cleaning between your teeth as just that – cleaning between your teeth, not flossing.

You can clean your body in the morning, night or mid-day.  When doing so you can take a shower or take a bath.  You can use bar soap, liquid soap, unscented soap, a body scrub, a wash cloth, a scrubby, a loofa sponge and heaven only knows what else.  The idea is to clean the body.  The same is true for the mouth. 

 It takes about 24 hours for plaque film to mature and for tartar formation to become possible. Bacteria buildup directly causes gingivitis and tooth decay. The bacterial colonies forming between the teeth are like 'poop' and must be disrupted and removed or the toxins will injure the gums.  Most of this 'poop' is hidden under and gums and between the teeth under the gums where the toothbrush bristles can not reach.  But try something besides floss.

Cleaning between your teeth can be accomplished without floss  

So, cleaning between your teeth can be done alone or at the time you brush.  You can clean between the teeth morning, noon or night.  You can clean between your teeth while watching TV, reading, sitting at a stop light in your car or even at the computer.   Cleaning between your teeth should only take one minute.  Check out the tooth implement section the next time you're in the drug or department store.

Next time you dread flossing – try something new


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