Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Cracked Teeth

You are eating a great meal and as you are chewing you suddenly feel pain.  You stop, have a drink or maybe enjoy some conversation and notice that the discomfort is gone.  Take another bite, start chewing and suddenly there it is again, that pain in your tooth.  You may not see a crack in your tooth.  There may be a ‘hair line’ fracture.

Symptoms of a Cracked Tooth

Cracked tooth syndrome is a dental condition in which a partial crack extends into the dentin. And it will

cracked toothsometimes extend to or through the pulp of the tooth.  As you bite down on food or seeds the crack opens ever so slightly.  Fluid enters the crack and just like hydralics, the fluid is forced into the tooth as the pressure is reduced. 

Diagnosis of a Cracked Tooth

However, since there is a fairly extensive list of classifications for cracked teeth, it is typically difficult for doctors to find the correct diagnosis. An exam with a dentist can help diagnosis what is causing your pain.  Using a plastic instrument, the dentist will have you bite down on the instrument to determine which tooth is causing the pain.  Generally, if the pain occurs when you are chewing on something, disappears when not, this is likely a cracked tooth.  The dentist can diagnosis and then make recommendations and treatment to restore the health of the tooth.  Often times the cure is a crown to hold the tooth together.  If the fracture has advanced the length of the roots, you may need a rootcanal as well.

Don’t wait till the symptoms worsen before you get in to have a thorough exam with your dentist.  The longer you wait for a proper dianosis, the more likley the fracture with worsen and be more costly.

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