Floss or Airfloss

AirFloss  Floss

AirFloss Floss

The “F” word  Floss

For so many people, cleaning between their teeth is pure drudgery.  For teenagers and adults, cleaning between their teeth is more important than tooth brushing.  Why?  Gum disease generally begins between the teeth.  So what is a person to do?  How can cleaning between the teeth be a more pleasant experience.  A routine that not only helps to keep the gums healthy, but one that is completed in a more likable routine.

Floss or Phillips Airfloss

Clinical trials have shown that using the Phillips Airfloss removes up to 99% more plaque biofilm between teeth than manual tooth brushing alone.  The Airfloss unit uses a surge of air along with droplets of fluid to clean between the teeth.

A minute to clean between, floss or not to floss

The airfloss unit takes less than a minute to clean between the teeth.  Yes,

would be ideal, but often times, the ideal is not always easy or just not what some people like to do.  Make the investment.  I did a study with two clients at Dental Hygiene Fitness.  Both clients were not floss or toothpick users.  At the conclusion of the study and now one year later, both clients have healthy gums today.

It is my desire and goal to help my patients at Dental Hygiene Fitness maintain a healthy mouth.  If you are searching for a workable dental home care routine, give us a call at Dental Hygiene Fitness.





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