Gum Disease and Your Immune System

Gum Disease is more likely with a weakend Immune System

Red Swollen Gums = Gum Disease

An infection, wherever it’s found in the body, stresses the immune system. It is also obvious that the more serious the infection and the longer it persists, the more the immune system is affected. Not all infections are created equal. A cut on the finger will not stress the immune system as much as a lung infection. One of the many debilitating infections the body has to deal with is the infection that involves the gums and jawbone. Gum Disease infections can have a devastating affect on the immune system. The type of bacteria that is found in gum disease not only involves very toxic bacteria but these organisms have constant and direct access to the blood stream. The bacteria or infection has access to the blood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for as long as the infection is present.

It’s hard to treat Gum Disease and your Immune System when other viruses are lurking!

The immune system can become so compromised that its ability to resist additional infections and toxins could be seriously weakened. A weakened immune system will put the various body systems at risk and create a domino effect in regard to infections. A weakened immune system can make it more difficult to prevent and treat gum disease. Gum disease can weaken the immune system, which makes the body more vulnerable to infections and diseases, which in turn further weakens the immune system; eventually making it more difficult to treat gum disease.

What is the best protection from Gum Disease and compromising your Immune System? Be aware of the top 4 Signs of a Potential Problem:

(1)   Red and Swollen gums. This is the most obvious sign of having a problem with your gums.It’s considered the beginning of gum disease – gingivities. Take a look in the mirror to see if your gums are an unusual color and if they have some of the other signs listed below.

(2)   Tender, Bleeding gums. When brushing your teeth, you should not see blood. Using a hard tooth brush is also a problem because it will irritate the area even more (not to mention it will erode the base structure of your teeth!). Be thorough but gentle when cleaning your teeth. See blood? Call your dentist and check it out right away!

(3)   Bad breath indicates bacteria is present. This is something people tend to overlook thinking it was their coffee or fish sandwich, when in fact you might be harboring some nasty bacteria. All the Listerine in your cabinet will not make this go away! If you have good dental hygiene practices, yet you still have bad breath – call and make an appointment to check it out with  your dentist.

(4)   If simply chewing food makes your gums sore or painful, this is a real problem. Usually the swollen, tender, bleeding, sore gums will make you realize there is a problem! It won’t go away – it will get worse. Be sure to catch the spread of bacteria created with gum disease and lessen your chances of having a low immune system. You don’t want to catch another virus while you are trying to battle gum disease as well!

Gum disease and your immune system should be treated as you would any other health issue. A compromised immune system opens you up to other different viruses from a variety of sources. It’s important your body has the strength to fight off one at a time! if you experience any of these signs – go to your dentist right away. To help you get the big picture I suggest you think of this infection as a disease of the entire body not just the mouth. If you have further questions, be sure to give me a call or leave a comment in our comment area. 

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