Happy New Year tales

Happy New Year

My older daughter, her husband and my amazing grandson were out to dinner celebrating the New Year.  The children’s menu did not have cheese burgers so I decided to order a cheese burger and split it with him.  Our food arrived and I cut the hamburger in half.  I then cut Cord’s half into two quarter size pieces.    As I was getting his dinner together on his plate, Cord sees a child at the next table with a blue drink and decides he needs a blue drink.

Cord:  “I want a blue drink please”

Mom:  “if you eat that quarter burger you can have a blue drink”

Cord: “No, I don’t eat quarters”

New Year Wish

I wish all of my clients and supporters a wonderful, healthy and prosperous New Year.    Are you ready to reserve your professional dental cleaning and oral cancer screening?  Do you know someone with Medicaid that is searching for a dental provider?  I can help.  Call us at 970-214-8420 to reserve your appointment time today.


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