Have you seen the ingredient list in a Cigarette

Cigarette and tobacco additives

Did you know there is a list of 599 additives approved by the US Government fo the use and manufacture of cigarettes? This is absolutely something every smoker should know. There is a reason why cigarette sells are way down and going down. It’s because people are waking up and realizing just how filthy they really are. And by the way, the Tobacco companies reporting this information, which is sort of bias, are American Tabacco Company, Brown and Williamson, Liggett Group, Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds.

Cigarette additives

Additionally, while these ingredients are approved as additives for foods, they were not tested by burning them. Don’t you think that this is flat-out wrong? If so, and you’re like me, then you understand how truly despicable this business is. This is why I am blogging here today, it’s because I feel as if it’s my duty to inform the public of how detrimental cigarettes can be on your overall health, let alone your oral health.   Cigarette users have a very high incidence of gum disease.  Often times, because the gum tissue is fibrotic and toughen by the additives, the early signs of gum disease are not present.

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