Healthy Gums

What do Healthy Gums look like?

Consider your gums' relationship to your teeth to that of a tree and grass.  The grass must be kept healthy in order to maintain the dirt surrounding the roots of the tree.  If the grass dies and no longer protects the dirt surrounding the roots of the tree, the tree may no longer have the support needed to keep it standing.  One day the tree is leaning and soon just falls. 

Gums should be pink, stippled, and snug around the tooth – like the cuff of a new turtle neck shirt. Stippled means to have little indents in them, like the outside appearance of an orange peel.

  Healthy Gums should not bleed when you brush or clean between them.  Even that small triangular    piece of tissue- interdental papilla,  between the teeth should fit firm and flat in the space between the teeth.                                                                           

The tooth is like the tree grounded in the dirt.  If the gums become diseased and that disease (gingivitis) progresses down the tooth into the bone, then the tooth can become loose and eventually fall out of the bone. Gum disease is generally not a painful process.


Healthy Gums protect the bone and tooth

Healthy gums help protect the bone that support and anchor the teeth firmly in place.  If you don't nurture them with proper brushing and cleaning between the teeth, eventually gum disease will start to cause damage to the gums and bone that support the teeth.

Do you need help maintaining your healthy gums?
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