Hello world! Gum Disease and Medical Illness

Welcome to our Dental Fitness & Spa blog.  My purpose is to educate, give tips and take questions.  Sometimes on dental hygiene topics and at times on something I think might be of interest to you.    One dental/medical topic that has been of great interest to me has been the connection of whole health to our dental health.  

Bacteria, good and bad, are a constant in our bodies.  In the early 1990’s researchers found a link between heart disease and other medical illnesses due to poor oral hygiene and gum disease.   Today I send a link to some general information.  More importantly is to understand that when there is an infection in the mouth, that infection travels throughout your body 24 hrs a day/7 days a week. 

Visiting your dental hygienist for a dental cleaning, oral cancer screening and routine exams to detect any early signs of gum disease is important for your overall health.  Try treating your mouth like you would your car.  An oil change every 3000/4000 miles, check the fluid levels and tire pressure.  With your mouth, clean the teeth daily, especially between the teeth and get that 4000 mile cleaning with your dental hygienist. 



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