Holiday Traditions

Build Some Lifelong Holiday Traditions

Traditions help us bond and reconnect with family, friends, and neighbors.  The holiday season is a great time to create lifelong memories with our family and friends. You can create your own holiday traditions as well as continue those you have enjoyed for years.  From Halloween to New Years Day, the holidays can be happy times.  Just keep it simple.

When I think of the holidays I think of many different faucets of the months leading up to New Years Day.  Traditions can be formed around decorating, food, community and gifting.  How about involving the entire family in a community project, as simple as gathering food from our own pantry and donating to the local shelter, food bank.  Most towns have a small gifting tree, where a family or childs name is placed to gift a present or food basket.gingerbread traditions

Holiday Food Traditions

Is there a special food dish that has always been at your Thanksgiving dinner?  How about gathering a few family and friends to do some baking or cookie decorating.  This could be as simple as making a gingerbread house – using graham crackers, tube icing and candies left over from Halloween.  A special Christmas morning breakfast.  Our family loved making fresh cinnamon rolls, mmmm the yummy smell of something fresh baked in the morning.  Ok, so they came in a tin.  It was easy, simple yet memorable and fun to eat as we opened our Christmas gifts.

Christmas Eve Traditions

What are some of your Christmas Eve Traditions?  Some people attend religious services on the eve of Christmas.  How about packing the family or friends in the car with some hot chocolate and treats, or pizza.  Turn on some Christmas music or mp3 player and slowly driving the neighborhood to view the Christmas lights.

Gift Traditions

How about a gag gift that keeps on giving all year?  How wonderful to continue traditions that we all grew up with, but to start new holiday traditions as we get older.  When we gather together with friends or family, how fun to reminisce about our past and the different things that can make us smile, laugh or even bring a tear.  What simple holiday tradition do you honor or wish to start..

Share some of your holiday traditions.   Perhaps one of your traditions or ideas can help someone else add some new ideas to their list of things to do for this year and forever.  Wishing you a wonderfully blessed Christmas holiday.





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