How Does Changing a Car’s Oil Help a Car run longer?

Oil Change is a must in car maintenance

Reduces Abrasion 

As oil gets old and degrades, it starts to lose its natural lubricative abilities; thus, the internal parts of a car's engine experience increased friction, which leads to increased wear and tear on the engine.

Oil Reduces Heat and Filters debris
Fresh oil disperses heat much better in the engine and also lubricates much better than old oil.  These two factors lead to a longer-lasting car that runs and functions better.

Besides Lubricating and Cooling the engine, the oil filters debris out of the engine and into the oil filter.  Dirty, degraded motor oil tends to be overloaded with debris and will no longer have the capability to pick up new debris from the engine. 

Regularly changing a car's oil reduces unnecessary wear and tear on the car engine.  Changing engine oil flushes the engine with fresh, clean oil that flows through the engine and lubricating and keeping the heat down in the engine.  Waiting too long to change the engine oil can be very clostly.  Regular car maintenance should bless you with a car that drives upwards of 200K miles with few problems.

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