How often should the Dental Hygienist clean my teeth?

Dental Hygienist cleaning only twice a year?

In the early 1950"s a popular television show was sponsored by a tooth brushing powder – Pepsodent.  An advertising campaign touted having your teeth cleaned twice a year.    Whether your gums are  healthy or not, whether you have a buildup of tarter or not or whether you brush and clean between your teeth daily or not. . Everyone should come in every 6 months for a dental cleaning with the dental hygienist.    How creative – a group of advertising salespeople came up with this 6 month idea.  The dentists liked it and the Insurance companies jumped on this bandwagon.  Most insurance companies will only pay for that 'dental cleaning' twice a year.  But what about those patients that build up tartar more heavily and frequently?     What about those patients that have a history of gum disease/periodontal disease/pyoria?  How about those patients that just don't have the ability to clean well between dental hygiene visits?   We are individuals not clones.    The Dental Hygienists goal is to help you stay healthy.  Like bringing your automobile in for an oil change – the cars not broken, but the routine oil change and maintenance helps keep it running and 'healthy'.      


See your Dental Hygienist three times a year                                      

We are individuals and thus our mouths build up tartar and plaque at different rates.  For some individuals their tartar buildup starts to form heavily no matter the frequency they clean.  These individuals should be seen every 3 – 4 months.  Home care and professional cleanings by a Dental Hygienist are vital in keeping Gum Disease at bay.  Gingivitis – the early stage of Gum Disease can be prevented, but once that infection reaches the bone – the disease will be an ongoing 'cancer' – Slowly destroying the bone, the underlying foundation of the teethPrevention = good home care and professional dental cleanings from your Dental Hygienist are your best defense against Gum Disease.

See your Dental Hygienist one time a year

Surely, if you are blessed to have a body that slowly builds up tartar and plaque – then your frequency for a professional dental cleaning can be extended.  For these individuals a professional cleaning interval might be every 6 – 12 months.  Let your Dental Hygienist help you to make the best decision on your personal Professional Dental Cleaning intervals.  Your Dental Hygienists' goal is to help you stay healthy

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