Essential Oils and Infections

Essential Oils

Here at Dental Hygiene Fitness, we want to employ our clients to educate themselves on all matters surrounding their oral hygiene. And it’s true that there is a connection between your oral health and your overall health and wellness. This is apart of your entire health connection and we want to work with you to better the status quo. It’s evident that one worldwide concern is antibiotic resistant bacteria. Scientific studies have proven that essential oils are effective in treating bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

Essential Oils for prevention

Many of the essentials that have been studied are harsh and may irritate the skin and mucus membranes.  Because of this the recommended protocol is to dilute with a ‘carrier’ oil, coconut or almond oil.  Lavender and tea tree are very gentle and may be used directly on the skin to heal burns, cuts, and wounds while preventing infection. Clearly, they are excellent first aid oils. One or two drops of lemon added to lavender and tea tree increases the antifungal qualities of the blend.   For prevention of colds and flu, defuse clove, wild orange or a blend of essential oils in the air to kill bacteria, virus and fungi.  The oil can be rubbed on the bottom of your  feet or a few drops on your palms and inhaled also helps to prevent colds and flu.

Essential Oils and Pub Med

Looking for a site for more scientific based research?  Check out the site Pub  There are many research papers that give evidence of the many cures and uses using essential oils.     What brand of oil or dilution of oil should a person use?   I have found many over the counter oils have fillers.  Though the oil may be labeled as pure, the filler used to add quantity to the bottle may not be something you want to ingest or absorb into the skin.  Though the thought of purchasing bottle of essential oil seems high, it is the quality and purity of the oil you are searching for.  Because the oils we used are top quality, we use less to reap healthful benefits.

At Dental Hygiene Fitness we use Pure Essential Oils.  The particular oils we use contain no fillers.  The plants harvested to express the essential oils are indigenous to the area they are harvested from.  (native plants, occurring naturally or existed in an area for many years)

We use our essential oils in an atomizer and topically to help with anxiety and to prevent the spread of bacteria and virus in the office.  Looking for a more holistic approach to your health and dental care?  Call Dental Hygiene Fitness for your next professional dental cleaning.



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