Magic. You Are It. Be It

Create Magic in Your Life

I read this book by Dr. Dain Heer and Gary Douglas.  I have always tried to practice the energy of thinking positive.  What I think I am.  Dream it, Believe it, you can have it.  This book was more about speaking that energy and not putting any limitations on what is asked for.  Limitations would mean putting exact details on how items, funds, experiences will show up.

Create your desires

For most of Americans we have been taught that we have to work hard to ‘make money.”  What if working hard has nothing to do with creating money.  Yep, the word is create.  I took on this ‘mantra’ in that I create the finances that come into my life.  Suddenly, money started showing up in other ways, rather than ‘working hard’ to get the funds.  Perhaps by gifts, or renting a room, or a check for banking at a new bank.  There are so many opportunities to increase the finances in ones life, and working hard is not necessarily needed to make that happen

State Your Desire, Create

Decide what it is that you want to show up in your life.  Don’t put limitations on how it will show up.  Ask the universe what would it take for “such and such” to show up in  your life?  Believe and know that the universe will change, readjust and arrange for things to happen.  Ask the consciousness of the universe to help you create the thing you desire.

Create a prosperous and healthy future 2015



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