Medicaid for dental benefits

Medicaid offering dental benefits

Governor Hickenlooper signed Senate Bill 13-242 in May 2013 authorizing dental benefits.  This new bill authorizes adults on Medicaid up to $1000 per year in dental benefits that include exams, dental cleanings, x-rays, and fillings.  These benefits, if you qualify, will be available April 1, 2014. Other procedures, like crowns, will be available  July 2014, but must be pre-authorized.

Medicaid can help with preventive maintenance

Dental infections, abscesses and gum disease lead to dental room emergencies and more expensive dental procedures.  Gum disease increases the risk of heart disease, diebetes and inflammation throughout the body.  Any chronic, on going, infection, inflammation will continually circulate through the body.  When a person practices prevention in health care they are more likely to have better gum health and the dental hygienist is more likely to uncover dental problems before the onset of pain.  If pain is your indicator that you need to get in for dentist, you have waited too long.

Medicaid Providers

How great that this Medicaid dental service is going to be available for those that qualify for it.  Now you are going to have to find a provider.  Not all dental offices accept Medicaid clients.  Why?  Medicaid, Government programs do not pay the full service fee for dental procedures.  Not only is the payment for services not 100%, to the dental provider, but most of the time the payment does not even cover the overhead for the procedure.

For those that don't qualify for this procedure, or can not find a provider, you may consider a private practice dental hygiene office to treat your preventive care dental cleanings.  Check the website for a private practice dental hygiene office in your area.  Live in Loveland, Colorado?  Call Dental Fitness & Spa at 970-214-8420 for your dental cleaning.


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