One minute to clean between your teeth

“How do I find the time to clean between my teeth”

The average American spends about 18 hours and 31 minutes in the car every week.  This breaks down into just under 3 hours a day.  Also, watching tv accounts to 2.5 hours a day.  These are ideal times to clean between your teeth.  You can multi task and clean as you are stopped at a red light.  Though, cleaning between your teeth in the car would best be done utilizing a ‘one handed’ dental implement.  By keeping these dental implements in your vehicle or next to the chair where you sit to watch television will make cleaning between your teeth less of an ‘inconvenience’.  If your hands are idle why not put them to good use.  Cleaning between your teeth should take only a minute.  Cleaning between your teeth may take longer if this is a new technique or routine for you.

Alternative to clean between teeth

These Gum Soft Picksare very handy for cleaning between your teeth.  These picks have a rubber tip that massages the gums as you clean.  They will disrupt the bacteria growing around your gums.  Simply break a pick from the container and gently clean between the teeth. Try starting at the back teeth and just circle around to the other side of your mouth.  By making this a routine you will not ‘hit and miss’ areas of the mouth.  When you are finished cleaning between your teeth, simply toss the Gum Soft Pick into the trash.

The most important part of cleaning our mouths is cleaning between our teeth.  Brushing only removes debris from the cheek, tongue side and chewing side of the tooth. Think about how you  wash your hands.  When you wash your hands you don’t just wash the palm and top of your hand. You wash between the fingers too.  If you are new at ‘washing’ between  your teeth you may have some tenderness or bleeding in your gums. Give this some time. For most people with a mild case of gingivitis a day or two of cleaning will allow the gums to heal.  If you have a more moderate or severe case of gum disease you may need a professional cleaning to help get the infection under control.  Don’t give up.  By adding a routine of cleaning between your teeth you are on your way to maintaining your teeth for a lifetime.

By keeping your small cleaning implements handy and easy to access, you will find the routine less mundane. We are all great at multi tasking, why not with our mouths.

We can all find one minute a day to clean between our teeth


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