Phillips AirFloss

Phillips AirFloss – In-Between Cleaning

Recently I had the privledge to participate in a study using the Phillips AirFloss.  Though I had read a few articles about this small gadget and read some research, I was not  impressed.  I was asked to take part in a study and asked two patients to consider using the device to clean between their teeth.  Client number one very seldom cleans between her teeth.  Client number two has had two Scale and Root Plannings (Deep Cleaning) and was treatment planned for a third Scale and Root Planning – because he is not inclined to use dental floss.                           

Initial Phase of AirFloss Study

We began the study with a periodontal charting.  An initial periodonal charting was completed.  Six measurements are taken around each tooth.  Using an instrument that measures in millimeters.  These measurements tell what the present gum health of the patient.  Healthy measurements should be between 1 – 3 millimeters with no bleeding during the measurement process.

AirFloss Instructions

The unit is a self contained hand-held water and air cleaner.  The unit takes less than 1.5 minutes to clean between all the teeth.  Very little water, or what ever solution you would like to use in the unit is used, thus, no mess.  The 'puff' of air pushes the fluid between the teeth.  AirFloss can be used conveiently anywhere, home, office, camping etc. 

Final Phase of AirFloss Study

At the end of  the approximately 8 week study both patients were re-examined.  Both patients showed improvement in gum health.  Bleeding sites as the pocket/gum depths decreased.  To date, both patients prefer the AirFloss to clean between their teeth.  This in-office study was completed the summer of 2013 and both patients continue to have great home care routines and their gums are much healthier than their prior non use of the AirFloss.

If you prefer not to use string between your teeth.  You have 'no time'.  What ever your reason, try the AirFloss and see how this can help your gum health.  Give Dental Hygiene Fitness a call at 970-214-8420 to schedule your next dental cleaning.  You can talk with me and check out this new gadget – AirFloss by Phillips



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