Preventing cavities in children

You have the power to prevent cavities

Children are not born with the bacteria that cause cavities  – they get cavity causing bacteria from adults.  You can help prevent tooth decay and other painful, expensive dental diseases from harming your child.

Help prevent childhood cavities



Don’t share spoons, forks or cups

Put only formula, milk or water in a baby bottle – no juice or sweet drinks

Don’t dip pacifiers in honey or sugar

Don’t clean a pacifier with  your mouth

Your child should see a dentist by age 1

Help your child be cavity free

Cavities are the most widespread childhood disease in the United States.   Cavities can lead to a lifetime of pain, self-esteem issues and learning problems.  You have the power to prevent decay.

At Dental Hygiene Fitness we treat both children and adults.  We specialize in preventive therapies – dental cleanings, x-rays, exams, oral cancer screenings.  Let us help you and your family stay healthy.


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