Rotate Car Tires, the why and when

Why Rotate car tires?

Car tires rotate plenty when the care is moving, so why should you rotate your tires?  By rotating your tires, you will ensure an even pattern of wear.  This mean you should get the most use out of your investment in the car tires.

The front tires will wear out much sooner than the rear tires.  Because the front tires lean over when turning, the outside edge of the tire will become worn much more quickly than any other part.  Both of the front tires should show roughly the same amount of wear.  If one tire is showing significantly more wear than the other can be an indication of serious problem.  If this occurs, have your care inspected by a qualified technician.

How Often to Rotate Car Tires?

You should have your tires rotated every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Since the tires have to come off anyway, this is also a good time to schedule a brake inspection. This saves money in the long run and may end up saving your life.

You may have heard that tires must not switch sides when being rotated. This is because when you switch sides, the tire has to be flipped and it will be moving in the opposite direction.  This is no longer the problem it once was. In fact, many manufacturers now recommend that tires be rotated in a criss-cross fashion, meaning the front left tire is moved to the rear right position, while the front right tire moves to the rear left. Depending on the wear pattern, your tire dealer or mechanic may recommend either criss-cross or a simple front-to-back rotation. In either case, check to see what the manufacturer recommends in an ideal situation.  Radial tires are usually rotated front to back, but your tire expert will know what is best for your tire investment.

Schedule Maintenance Car Tire Rotation

By rotating your tires on a regular schedule, all four tires should wear out at roughly the same time. This means you will be getting the maximum amount of use out of your tires, and the maximum amount of work out of your investment.   Getting your oil changed?  Consider having your car tires rotated at that time.  Can save a trip, and is a good reminder to have the maintenance on the tires completed.

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