Sensitive teeth

What can be done when the teeth are sensitive to temperature?

Recently I have a few teeth that are sensitive to cold.  What can I do to releave this discomfort? 

There are a few reasons as to why the teeth become sensitive to temperature.  If the gums have pulled away from the crown of the tooth and the root is exposed – this can cause some sensitivity.  The root houses the nerve of the tooth and thus the root is exposed to the elements – water and air. 

Sensitive teeth toothpaste

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth can help.  The main ingredient is potassium nitrate.  This seeps into the tubules of the teeth and can help eliminate the tooth sensitivity.  Using the paste several times a day for several weeks can help the discomfort.  If this does not help you can try rinsing with a fluoride rinse. 



Fluoride helps sensitive teeth

A fluoride rinse or toothpaste can be used to help with teeth sensitivity.  The tooth is made up of tiny tubes that run from the outside surface of the tooth to the inside at the nerve.  The fluoride helps to seal these tubes to reduce the sensitivity.  Usually a prescription fluoride is more beneficial because there are more fluoride ions (higher dose) in the prescription.  Ideally to use this fluoride daily for a few weeks and then a person can use a few times a week to manage the sensitivity.  If the sensitivity is from decay or possible trauma then the doctor will have to determine the cause and other treatment will be necessary to eliminate the cause. 



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