Smoking can kill more than your health

burning moneyWhat's the cost of smoking to your wallet?

So often we hear about the negative effects of smoking to our health.  The carcinogins in tobacco that cause cancer in the lungs or oral cancer and often times this cancer can matastisize to other areas of the body.  We have seen photos of people that have lost body parts or are disfigured from having surgery to rid their body of the disease.  But what about the cost to your wallet? 

Smoking or A pay raise of $1,500 for 2013

What could you afford if you give up the habit of smoking or chewing tobacco.   How would you use more disposable income  for you and your family.  If you do the math, you might be a bit surprised as to what you are really 'burning' every month.    Many times we spend money for today but don't consider how much we are actually spending – or wasting – in the long term.   Let's do the math and consider you are smoking a pack of cigarettes daily.

A pack of cigarettes for $4.50 x 7 days = $31.50 month x 12 months – $1,512.00.   How about a local vacation, do some repairs around the house, an extra car payment or pay down that credit card.   

$7,560 to keep in your pocket, stop smoking

Multiply that $1,512. times 5 years and you could have paid $7,560 to the principle on your mortgage.   Addiction to the chemicals in tobacco make quiting a tough challenge for many tobacco users.   Consider the financial benefits of smoking cessation.




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