The 21st Century Middle Class

Who are the Middle Class?

The middle class do not live 'hand to mouth' or 'pay check to pay check' like the poor typically do.  The typical middle class person or family will have one-third of their income left over for discretionary purposes after they've provided themselves with food and shelter. In other words, someone who earns $3,000 per month would have $1,000 left after they've paid their mortgage or rent, utilities, and grocery bills. The middle class has changed.  Today there are many things that the middle class can not afford, and many of those things are not opulent luxuries.

List of 7 things the Middle Class can not afford

The ranking of this list is based on affordability and necessity.    1. Vacations    2. New Vehicles  3. ay off Debt  4. Emergency Savings  5. Retirement Savings  6. Medical Care  7.Dental Care

No Dental Care for the Middle Class

According to the U.S.Dept of Health and Human Services, Americans spend about $64 billion yearly on oral health care. About 108 million people have no dental insurance to cover the cost of dental care, those that have insurance can not afford the 'co-pays to use the dental insurance.  Most dental insurance covers only 50% of the more expensive procedures, like crowns, bridges and fillings.  Many middle class persons or families will delay or just forego any dental treatment.  According to the Center for Disease Control, there are estimated one in four adults over the age of 20 that have untreated dental disease and/or gum infections.   Full article

Middle Class Dental Options to 'non care'

To choose no dental care is truly not the best option.  In many cases of non dental treatment, the lack of dental insurance should not be the reason for non treatment.  To choose 'preventive care' over non treatment could be less expensive in the long run.  Professional dental cleanings, oral cancer screenings and gum disease screenings can help to 'head off' future major problems.  Colorado Independent Dental Hygienists can help with affordable, quality exams and preventive procedures to keep Coloradoans healthy.  Don't let the lack of dental insurance and limited discretionary income keep you from staying healthy.  Give Dental Hygiene Fitness a call at 970-214-8420 and schedule a dental cleaning and exam today.





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