The 8 Steps to Prevent Heart Disease

We all know how prevention can save us hundreds and thousands of dollars in any aspects of our lives. Well if you've been showing up to the Dentist once or twice a year and having to get cavities filled every time, then you most likely need a new plan. That's why Dental Hygiene and prevention with Dental Fitness and Spa is so important. Cheryl Redmond was an active member of the Florida Dental Hygiene Association, in both the state and local boards. She is presently partnering with Hope Lives the Lydia Dody breast cancer foundation. She's had 30+ years of experience in the dental field and has worked in many areas in the Dental Office. Cheryl has experience as a dental assistant working in endodontics, pedodontics, general dentistry, prosthodontics and radiolgy. She cleary knows what she's doing and has true heart for it. Let her tell you about the 8 Steps to Prevent Heart Disease today!


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