Tooth Stain

Tooth Stain removal or whiten

As we age our bodies change.  Our hair changes color as well as our teeth.  Some tooth staining is extrinsic, on the outside of the tooth.  This stain can be caused by dark drinks such as coffee, tea red wine.  Also smoking and certain foods that are eaten can cause extrinsic staining.  If the staining is extrinsic a low abrasive toothpaste can help remove the stain. 

In Office Tooh Stain removal

In office removal of tooth stain can be completed using a rubber polishing cup and a mild abrasive paste.  A bit gentler technique is a piezo.  This is an instrument that uses high vibration to remove the stain.  This instrument does not abrade the enamel.  At Dental Fitness & Spa we tray to remove the majority of extrinsic stain with the piezo. 

At Dental Fitness & Spa Cheryl promotes dental health and loves to give advice on how her client's can learn, change habits and maintain healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime.   If you have been experiencing sensitivity, gaining stains, or having major tartar build up, then she'll give you multiple ways on how you can fix this. 



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