What do you not know about Social Security?

How many rules to Social Security?

Do you know how many rules there are to receiving your social security?  A few weeks ago I attended a very informational class with Chriss Davies at Navigation Wealth Management in Fort Collins.  Though I have been paying to this government program for 30+ years, I had no idea what is involved to claim the money I worked so hard for. There are 2,728 rules to Social Security.  Many of the people that work for the department that controls and governs Social Security don’t even know all the rules. 

How many ways to claim Social Security?

There are 567 ways to claim your Social Security.  If you miss claim your social security, you have 12 months to make any changes.  If you misclaim your social security, you could lose thousands of dollars you qualify for.

Social Security and financial advisors

Need more information?  Check with local financial advisors to see when and where you can sit in on a class to educate you on how to claim the money you worked so hard to earn.   Unsure who to call? 

Call us at Dental Hygiene Fitness and we can refer you to several different financial advisors that can get  you to the right class. 970-214-8420







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