What is Periodontal Maintenance?

Periodontal Maintenance Therapy

So you had to have a 'Deep Cleaning'.  Your Dental Hygienist had to anesthetize (numb) your teeth and gums in order to remove calculus (tartar) below and above your gumline.  There was also some diseased gum tissue that had to be removed (currettage).  The roots of your teeth had to be 'planed' (smoothed), bacteria and toxins removed. in order for you to have a smooth surface to clean and maintain. 

Periodontal Disease is not curied – Gum Disease is 'Controlled'

Just like a diebetic takes insulin or a person with high blood pressure takes High Blood Pressure medication – neither of these diseases are curied, they are controlled with medication.  Periodontal Disease is controlled – by starting with a scale and root planing and possibly Gum Surgery.  What happens after the initial 'therapy'? 

Periodontal Maintenance Therapy is ongoing care to try and keep the disease process under control.  The American Dental Association describes Periodontal Maintenance as a procedure following periodontal therapy…. which continues at varying intervals, determined by the clinical evaluation for the life of the dentition (life of the teeth) – this includes the removal of plaque and calculus from above and below the gumline, ongoing evaluation of any remaining pockets, gum pocket irrigation as needed and root planing as needed.

Periodontal Maintenance Therapy Interval

Typically, an interval of three months between appointments is effective, but more frequent appointments may be needed.  As in many other chronic conditions, successful long-term control of gum disease and prevention of tooth loss depends on continual, and possibly life-time maintenance.


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